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Wasana Publishing House that ventured into the field of publication of books in 1984,has gained the recognition and the confidence of the reading public islandwide,by now.

Our publishing house produces books adhering to the maxim "Invaluable books of international standard at moderate prices".

We take a special interest in providing books for all the children of our country and thus we have presented them to the market them to the market in three languages-Sinhala,Tamil and English.

An outstanding trend ours is furnishing school children from the Pre-school level up to the Advanced Level,with books that cover requirements,imparting extra-curricular and supplementary knowledge,yet we have made amassing money our sole purpose.

Our books are prepared by writers who are highly competent in the respective subjects assigned to them, and the best of our attention is directed high factual accuracy of the subject matter, making use of best printing paper,ink and the other production quality of material thus, maintaining the books at the top most level.
  "Wasana books bring good fortune to you really...!"
      Nihal  Ranjith
Wasana Publishers
Wasana Book Publishers
Katukenda,Dankotuwa,Sri Lanka.

Book Shop:          +94 31 2258384 / +94 31 4921922 / +94 31 7212979              Fax: +94 31 2259805
Publication Unit: +94 31 5670570 / +94 31 4926206
                                E-mail: pmwasana@sltnet.lk  /  pmkumara@sltnet.lk
                        Web: www.wasanapublishers.com.lk

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